Can't upload sketch on my WISBLOCK 4631

I have a problem to upload sketch on my WISBLOCK 4631. They always show me this error.

I have been researching for this problem, and i updated my firmware of device, but the problem is the same. I have Windows 11.
Thank You

This is the second pictures of the code (i can’t upload 2 pictures, because i am new user :slight_smile: )

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You are using the RUI3 BSP for the RAK4631-R. It looks like you want to upload RUI3 code to a RAK4631 that has the open source bootloader.

Is your WisBlock module the RAK4631-R or the RAK4631 for open source Arduino BSP?

Do you want to use RUI3 BSP or do you want to use the open source Arduino BSP?

If you want to use RUI3, you need to change the bootloader first as explained in this tutorial

If you want to use the open source Arduino BSP, you need to install the correct BSP. You can find the steps to upload the Arduino BSP in our Knowledge Hub

@beegee just for my curiosity/education/future reference, is there something specific in the log file screen shots that hints the issue may be a RUI3 vs non-RUI3 mismatch?
Or is it just experience says it’s most likely?


Yes, the path to the uploader tool says rak_rui

Got it, Thanks @beegee

@beegee Thanks for your answer, it’s was helpfully for me. And now I can upload sketch on my RAK4631

I’m having the same Issue; I’ve updated my board via wistoolbox to be able to use the RUI3 codes but when uploading I’m getting the same no response error on the serial port

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You cannot update an Arduino version RAK4631 to RUI3 with WisToolBox. The only way to update is to use the steps in our update guide

Then you had RUI3 already.
WisToolBox cannot update the bootloader and softdevice.