Case for RAK2287 Kit?


Thinking to build a gateway for outside based on RAK2287 system with PI4 but I can’t find a case for the whole thing, or a design on Thingiverse :frowning: Someone found something printable on 3D Printer ?



I probably wouldn’t try to 3d print a case for outdoor use, 3d prints are notoriously porous. Yes, the high school kids doing the submarine robot challenges do things like paint their prints with thinned epoxy, but it’s just not what you want for long term.

Look into weather housings a bit larger than the device, which you can add waterproof power/antenna/etc connectors to.

The SX1302 in the RAK2287 draws less power than the earlier SX1301’s and generates less heat, but I’d still use things like metal standoffs inside rather than 3d prints.

When I meant outside sorry I meant on my terrace where it’s safe of rain/snow and bad conditions so basically it’s more to hold pieces together with antenna :wink:

That solution might be also you are right an easy way all the more with all sizes you can find of plastic boxes for storage but still easy to drill for antenna attach and power cable :wink:

Hei @vincen ,

RAK does offer one to hold it together:


Hi @Hobo

Thanks for link, I had seen that product but had not noticed it was also compatible with RAK2287 Kit :+1: Only drawback with that case is that I have to fix GPS antenna outside or it won’t get GPS signal in metal case but no big deal for a gateway that won’t move at all :wink:
It’ll go perfect with the new antenna you offer that I have to order RAKARJ17 868MHz Black Blade Antenna | RAKwireless Documentation Center

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