Change device to ASIA (920 - 923) Mhz

Hello everyone!
I just bought a RAK7249 LoraGateway. I want to connect to Asia server ( But when I open LUCI web to edit parameters, it seems to default connect to EU863-870. I flashed a new firmware from the link ( And no difference in my device.

. So, I need a firmware included parameters connect to Asia server. Or Do you have a document relative to my issue?
Thank you for the information

Hi @nhanle97,

This is the tab for the built in Lora server.
You want to go to Lora Gateway - >Packet forwarder. There is a drop down menu, with the option to use the Semtech packet forwarder. Once chosen you should see a field below it with the router address. Adhust it to the Asian one.