Change RAK2247 in RAK7258


I have RAK7258 with RAK2247 433 SPI inside.

I would like to change it to separately purchased RAK2247 US915 USB.

My questions are:

  1. Is USB version ok to be used? According to spec, USB version has USB and SPI.
  2. How do I configure the LoRa Packet Forwarder? It has old 433 listed, how to add US915, AS923 or AU915 respectively.


Hi. For RAK7258 you have to use SPI only version. But the freq and other things are coded in firmware, so you can not just swap them. Sorry but you have to consider buying new unit.


Thanks for your support mate.

Hi Todor,

I changed RAK2247 433 SPI to RAK2247 915 SPI, reset my RAK7258 LTE to factory default.

However, I still can not see the options which allow me to configure 915. It still shows me EU433.

Firmware version: 1.1.0056_Release r193

What should I do?


Like I said, those things are hard coded. You can try to reflash the firmware аnd may have to change the code in firmware. Bu I recommend to buy a new unit matching your regional freq.

The band appropriate to the LoRa concentrator card shipped in the gateway is stored in one of the initial MTD partitions along with things you don’t want to loose, like the MAC address.

It’s then used in one of the lua scripts (lorawan.lua) that implements the luci web configuration GUI.

Please consider the following only if you are deeply familiar with Linux (and ideally OpenWRT) and willing to risk the continued operability of your unit - this is not typical usage!

If you want to change it, the best solution might be to modify the logic of the lua script to ignore the flash setting and give you the band you want (or give you all the choices); that way if you mess up, reflashing the firmware would revert to stock behavior. Wheras if you changed the MTD partition a mistake might have greater consequences (and if you changed the wrong partition, you could damage U-Boot effectively bricking the system in a way that would require JTAG or desoldering the flash to fix)

I forget the name of the tool used to read the configuration partition, but the lua script makes it clear; once you’ve found that do a little searching for the filesystem for anything else that might use that tool and need to be changed as well.

Beware that accidentally telling a concentrator card to operate on a band it isn’t built for may not be healthy for it.