Dear Team,

I working in RAK811. and firmware version is RAK811_v3.0.0.14.H_20200810.hex. I’m working in UART 1 as a UART_USER_MODE. after I’m using UART3 as a UART_USER_MODE In this code I do not define UART1. In updations in firmware, I upload it successfully. I need to correct my code so I’m trying to reconfigure it. but firmware RAK811_v3.0.0.14.H_20200810.hex is successfully done but update firmware is not working in the DFU tool. also at command is not respond.

Tools Details:-
STM32 cube programmer using for firmware install RAK811_v3.0.0.14.H_20200810.hex.
Update firmware using DFU tools 1.4v.

I have a question which I mention below.
1)How to change UART Mode UART_USER_MODE to UART_NORMAL_MODE in UART1 and UART3?
2) How can at command is not working?
3) How to erase full flash memory in the st controller?? STM32 cube programmer has not erased full UART configuration and device information is still there after erasing memory.

I share you my screenshot for your reference.

Hi @vipul ,

Let me try to help you troubleshoot.

Did you use RAK DFU Tool 1.4v when you upload your firmware generated by RUI? Or you use STM32cubeprogrammer? The proper way is to use RAK DFU Tool.

  1. UART1 is reserved for AT command and UART3 is for user. AT commands is still be available on your custom RUI firmware.
  2. I am not really sure why your AT command got lost functionality. If you attempted to upload a different FW via STM32Cubeprogrammer, that can be the possible reason. I suggest you upload again the latest RAK811 firmware via STM32Cubeprogrammer and see if AT commands will go back.
  3. How did you verify that the content is not fully erased?

I used STM32cubeprogrammer for uplod file. than RAK DFU Tool 1.4v used for upload my firmware generated by RUI Online compiler. while used STM32cubeprogrammer for uplod file AT Command Not Working.

Right now STM32cubeprogrammer uplod file successfully, But using RAK DFU Tool Not Upload My firmware generated by RUI Online compiler.

I Know UART1 is reserved for AT command and UART3 is for the user. But in My firmware, I cahnge UART3 as User Mode that time UART1 Also shown USER mode and AT command Not Working. My question is How to Change UART1 AT mode? i also fire “+++” but it does not change in Normal Mode. I also erase my RAK811 USING STM32cubeprogrammer.but i upload file its UART1 not Working. previos screen shot is refer

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