Change Username?


Is there any way to change my username on the forum?

I’ve been able to do it elsewhere, but not here for some reason.

Click your icon on the upper right and choose Preferences.


Then you can now change your username :+1:


Only if you are an Admin - mere mortals don’t get the Pencil icon.

And Discourse has some warnings about exploding and puppies dying due to the poor design of the link between user and posts - something about them becoming disconnected.

Oh. didn’t know that. Thanks @nmcc .

@proffalken , it seems you need to create a new account then.

Or I can change the name for you.
What would you like to change it to?

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Doesn’t really matter which admin changes the account, it will still lose all the connections in the posts.

That would be awesome, thanks, can we switch it to proffalken?

FWIW, I’ve done this on other forums and the posts have remained with the name, and I’m happy to risk it! :smiley:

It’s not the core posts, it’s the @ mentions that break - generally no-one allows user name changes with Discourse because of this.

But as I guess you’ve moved on from MB, it won’t matter so much.

Will you be making a Whopper, haven’t played chess in ages!

@nmcc yeah, sadly Mockingbird Consulting is no more, but I’m always up for a game of chess! :slight_smile:

@proffalken ,

How is that? Happy?


Perfect, thanks!

I’ll check the post history shortly.

It’s NOT the post history - it’s any @ links IN A post.

That’s why I am still @nmcc on here when I’d rather be @descartes, but all the instances of @nmcc will sort of die, which isn’t huge, but it can make a mess of support if people change their username like they do on social media - ie, more often than their underwear. So general Discourse admins don’t enable it.

@nmcc FWIW, I’ve gone back and checked a few of the posts where I’ve been mentioned in the past and they seem to have updated correctly…

Not sure if this gives you additional confidence or not! :slight_smile:

Ah, cool, nice to have someone be a guinea pig - the Discourse forum & general Google searches are full of dire warnings. Seems they may have moved on.

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