Changing downlink BW

Hi, I’m operating a Rak7258 TTN LoraWan gateway in Australia, with a full wave Antenna mounted externally on the roof of a 2 story house. I have a node 50 meters away from the Antenna which successfully uplinks at SF7BW125. However, the node doesn’t receive downlink messages at SF7BW500 from the gateway ( as per packet capture). The node rx’s downlinks if I bring the node inside the house.
I’m using OTAA.
Question: Can I change the gateway to downlink at SF7BW125? or is there another solution?

According to the protocol, AU915 is issued with a frequency of 500KHZ, which cannot be modified. You can try the RAK node for testing, which is supported.

The following figure shows the case that was received and distributed by RAK wisnode.