Channel Plan UI bugs in WisGateOS 1.1.1_RAK 20210712

I want to report a bug in the LuCI web config of the RAK7249 gateway with “Channel Plan”. We have the version with two LoRa Concentrators.
It is affecting Firmware: WisGateOS 1.1.1_RAK 20210712 (older FW we have not tested).

Problem 1:
With the “Gateway Channel” config set to “Advanced Mode”.
Here UI calculates the Freq. for each Channel by adding “Center Frequency” + “If Offset”. This works well with LoRa Concentrator 0, but it shows wrong values for LoRa Concentrator 1.
It would often interpret Offset -400000 as Offset +400000 (wrong sign!) or not update value shown correctly (swapped values), especially after reloading the page. When the values are changed it is shown correctly again until the next save+apply/reload.
It does not affect gateway functionality, as the gateway saves the offsets and not the final frequency, but it is still confusing and should be fixed. As I said it calculates correctly for the Concentrator 0, but Concentrator 1 UI is buggy.

Problem 2:
With the “Gateway Channel” config set to “Advanced Mode”.
Most of the time I can not enable “LoRa std” and FSK via web UI at all!
Everything is set correctly, and I make sure not to have more than 5 channels per radio. But when I hit “save and apply” the page reloads and the FSK and “LoRa std” values are off again, and the changes are not saved. This is not just a display problem, they are actually not applied to the config.
If I make the same changes directly in
/etc/config/lora_pkt_fwd with a text editor, they work and are shown correctly in the UI after.

I hope this is helpful and the UI bugs can be fixed in a future version of the firmware. Since I have now fixed the channel plan manually via SSH in a text editor, the gateway now works great for us despite the bugs with the UI.

And here is our /etc/config/lora_pkt_fwd: lora_pkt_fwd
Maybe this is helpful to some other users.
We are connecting to TTN v3 in Europe with the TTN channel plan. It is based on this document:
Both our concentrators are using the same 8 channels, as we have directional antennas on each of them pointing in different directions.
AFAIK it works great!