Characteristics of antenna for module RAK4200

Dear colleagues! I bought a module. Please tell me what type of antenna is used for the module? Where can I find the datasheet for this antenna? What are the characteristics of this antenna?

Which of the RAK4200 did you buy? There are several versions.

RAK4200 stamp module with Ipex antenna connector
RAK4200 stamp module with antenna signal on a pin of the module
RAK4200 Breakout Board with SMA antenna connector
RAK4200 EVB with Ipex antenna connector

Depending on the module type, there is a selection of antennas available in our Store. The documentation for the antennas is in the Documentation Center

We buy two complects:

  1. WisBlock Model No: RAK4200(L)-EVB LOT Number:GSZ02122042038 for 433MHz
  2. WisBlock Model No: RAK4200(H)-EVB LOT Number:GSZ02122042038 for 868MHz
    These antennas are not listed in the ACCESSORIES section of your site and we can’t figure out what their characteristics are:
    What is the radiation pattern?
    What is the amplification factor?

I will ask our R&D teams.

RAK4200 is EOL and is no longer maintained and the same for these antennas. If you plan a project with larger volumes, I suggest to look into our RAK3172 modules instead.

Okay, but still I would like to know the characteristics of this antenna.