Chirpstack + RAK7249

Hi to everybody,

I would create a LoRaWAN network in my town using Chirpstack stack and RAK7249 gateways.
I checked in docs from RAK and there are steps for TTN but I think it will be ok also for Chirpstack.
May someone confirm me it is a well running solution?

Thanks for supporting me.

I believe there are instructions around here somewhere on connecting the industrial gateways to an external cloud type chirpstack instance.

While that could be done with the raw UDP protocol, it’s better to translate to chirpstacks protocol in the gateway and send that instead over the Internet backhaul. I know the gateways support the first version of the chirpstack protocol (from when it was called loraserver) but I believe they also support the current protobuff based chirpstack scheme if you get the right setup options.

Many thanks for your reply and explanation.
I searched for that guide but I wasn’t able to find it.
Anyway I agree with you and I would use current protobuff used in chirpstack because in forum I found a post related to an update on RAK7249 firmware for supporting correct receiving stats messages gateway in chirpstack.

Hello @carlomissaglia,

I assume this is what you need: Amazon Web Services | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Hello Martin,

many thanks for your kind reply.
It was useful and this are steps I have to follow.

Another question: in Europe I have to limit transmission power to 14dBM.
How to setup the RAK7249 to obtain this limit?
I read that maximum power of RAK7249 is 27dBM.
I immagine this is also related to antenna type. I would use 3dBi antenna.