Clarrification of "Xbee form factor"

I’m not sure if this statement is correct. " The breakout board utilized is of an Xbee form factor and its main purpose is to allow the RAK4200 stamp module form factor pin-out to be transferred to 2.54mm headers." This is a quote from the RAK docs.

Doesn’t the Xbee use 2mm spaced pins? Plus, the functions of all the RAK boards aren’t the same.

I assume something like this won’t work:
But this would:

For reference:


It’s not really XBee - the RAK811 breakout board uses 2mm spaced pins which are a real pain as getting hold of 2.54mm headers is so much easier and the slightly thinner pins don’t grip Dupont cables at all, so I’m quite happy to get on with using it as is.

Given the functional differences between the boards I’d not expect things to match up. Overall, I suspect someone at head office had XBee in their head but reality then took hold.

The second board from Parallax will provide you with a socket but then you have to put cables on - you may as well just use Dupont cables. When you come to mass production you can create your own custom PCB


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