Class A and Class C coexistence


I’m testing a RAK11720 node with Class A and Class C enabled on chirpstack profile and I’ve implemented a downlink to change node class on the fly.

This downlink first sets api.lorawan.deviceClass.set() and then triggers a join to the network.

I’ve tested the funcion and see that the end node changes it’s class successfully via AT+CLASS=? for example from CLASS A to CLASS C but on chirpstack the uplinks still get registered as deviceClassEnabled:"CLASS_A" no matter if I set the node as class C.
The opposite class change (from C to A) behaves the same (Ex. the node sticks to Class C) no matter if I rejoin.
The only way to undo this, is to uncheck ClassC on chirpstack device profile.

I’m testing it with 4.1.1_279 staging. but I don’t know if the problem relates to RUI or Chirpstack, or if it’s a problem or a normal LoRaWAN behavior


I am seeing the same issue. If the device switches from Class A to Class C, Chirpstack still sticks with the original device profile on the LNS, which is either Class A or Class C.

I found this old thread Class A and Class C in same device profile, but it was never solved.