Class-C device "Confirm Downlink" Acknowledgement


I am working on confirm downlink.
Already received downlink in function “LoRaReceive_callback” on device, but don’t know where is the Acknowledgement for downlink is generated.
currently i m sending unconfirm uplink per downlink message, and which is not good.

share if any example or information on RUI based API.


API refer to :
The demo refer to:
It has 4 demos based RAK811.

I have those links and have used them.
What we want to build is, downlink initiated communication. By attaching gpio status on downlink acknowledgement from RAK811 node. As we can send data on uplink acknowledgement packet.

We able to receive class c downlink, only don’t know is where the acknowledgement is need to manipulate to send device gpio status


Hi @urvil,

The ACK for the downlink confirm packet is now generated in LoRaWAN stack, and there is no RUI API to customized the content of the ACK packet now.

Hello @Fomi,

When will this downlink ack customization RUI API will be avaliable ?, we need to inform this time.


Hi @urvil,

Let us to find whether there is a chance to add this feature for RAK811 firstly.

Hi @Fomi,

Waiting for your response. Any updates on this ?

Urvil Suthar