Coding the RAK811 LoRa Breakout Module

I am new to the RakWireless family and have just set up my RAK7246 with a RAK811 breakout board. Now it is time to do some work. Can I code the RAK811 using PlatformIO or Arduino? Is there a setup guide? I saw that there is a library for the RAK811 Winsnode, but not the breakout board. Are they same when it comes to development? All I am looking to do is take read some sensors, send some data to the gateway and do a little IO.


Hi @megaplow,

We’ve supplied two ways for RAK811 coding:

  1. Arduino firmware
    You can run Arduino libraries on RAK811 (module/breakout boar/Wisnode), and you can find all of the source code and guide here:
    (But now, there is an issue in this project: when RAK811 want to join in OTAA mode, sometimes it will fail. It is caused by another Arduino liberary we used in this project, and we haven’t fixed it.)

  2. RUI firmware
    RUI firmware is our official firmware, and RUI firmware is developed based on RUI SDK. RUI SDK is not open source, but RUI SDK has supplied a set of APIs for users to do their customized application, finally, you can use RUI online compiler to compiler your customized application source code with RUI SDK togather to get a final customized firmware.
    More details, you can have a look at some links. This is RUI API reference:
    This is RUI online compiler:
    This are some products practise source code which are developed by RAK based on RUI APIs:

Thank you for the info. I am having trouble with the TTN configuration. I will get that sorted out and circle back to the RAK811 portion.

Out of the box, I have been unable to join OTAA to TTN with my RAK7246 and RAK811 node. Using the serial tool I have tried msb and lsb for the Device EUI and the Application EUI. The Node tries to reconnect six times then goes to sleep.