Coding the RAK811 LoRa Module with Stm32CubeIDE

Can I code the RAK811 use STM32CubeIDE? Is there a setup guide or an official project on githug?
How can I compile with HF / LF?


You can use STM32CubeIDE to completely develop yourself according to RAK811 schematic diagram.

Or the module schematics?

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Eg, you can adapt some other open source LoRaWAN solution (like LMiC or LoRaMac-node) to run on this hardware by studying the documentation to determine how things are wired and adjusting the code accordingly.

But you’re basically on your own, or exchanging information with others who have done so on their own.

On the plus side, if you invest the time in doing so, you have control of things from top to bottom and also a fair degree of hardware vendor independence.