Communication between RAK2245 and SX1276

Hi. Currently, I’m going to project communication between RAK2245 and SX1276.
I’m using test_loragw_hal.c cord in HAL driver cord and from RAK2245 to SX1276 transmission test is OK!!
But, from SX1276 to RAK2245 transmission test is fail…
I think that need to adjust options in RAK2245 like preamble option or bandwidth or others…
But, I don’t know where these options and how to adjust these options.

I guess my problem is RAK2245 can’t find preamble signal from SX1276.

  1. RAK2245 ==> SX1276
    I know that adjust these options when from RAK2245 to SX1276 transmission.
  2. SX1276 ==> RAK2245

    Maybe, I think that need to adjust lgw_rxif_conf_s(ifconf) structure.
    I don`t understand datarate option and freq option and what value should I put these configuration.

Please help me…

I didn’t quite understand this question. RAK2245 is a module with one SX1301 baseband and two SX125X radio front ends. What did you mean by “Communication between RAK2245 and SX1276?”. Is there a RAK2245 version with SX1301 and SX1276?

I think you can try the open source It itself has a test receiving program “util_pkt_logger”. We provide some configuration files for common frequency bands, you can try to copy these configuration files to “util_pkt_logger” to use them.

That would be the ordinary way these parts are used: an SX1276 in a node communicates with a RAK2245 (SX1301) in a gateway.

As for the question itself, it looks like an old one asked and abandoned by someone who hadn’t yet figured out some of the essentials of LoRa settings.

Most users would be running something like LoRaWAN on top of the raw LoRa and the software used to implement LoRaWAN would help with getting suitable, matching LoRa air settings.