Communication between RAK2245 pi module and SX1276

Hi. I want make communication between RAK2245 pi module and SX1276.
I am not use LoraWAN protocol(not use the Network) just make communication between RAK2245 and SX1276.
Can I get the sample source cord like ping-pong cord.
I cannot find the SX1301 or SX1257 document about register infomation.
Please help me…
Thank you!!

That kind of negates the purpose of buying a multichannel concentrator card. While what you want to do is possible, it would be easier if you just used two node type radios.

Try looking at the Semtech lora hal library on github. But realistically you are better off using the full packet forwarder; it doesn’t really enforce LoRaWAN, and it would be easier to speak the Semtech UDP protocol to the packet forwarder than it would be to directly interact with the radio hardware yourself.

Also look in the source repository for the packet forwarder as there are some test programs you might be able to develop into what you need.

But this will not be an easy project.

see SX1301 TX example

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