Communication BLE and LoRa

I have a question regarding the use of the RAK4600 breakout board and is that for the application I am using it , I require that the BLE and LoRa modules are available to be connected to an external microcontroller STM. If in this module I just have one UART port to communicate with the micro, how can I do so that both modules are comunnicated with microcontroller?

Thank you

Welcome to RAK forum @MauricioDuque ,

BLE and LoRa functionality is available on using same UART connection.

Thank you for your answer, but how do I identify when it is BLE or LoRa

The BLE functionality is on the NRF52 chip and LoRa on the other hand is based on Semtech SX1262 chip. They are both inside the module as always accessible. I am not sure what you want to do but the BLE functionality via AT command is not that much. It is more focused with LoRa.

The application has to do the following process:

1 - A message is sent from a mobile phone via bluetooth , the idea is that the BLE receives the message and via uart sends it to the stm microcontroller.

2 - Then the STM microcontroller sends a message via uart via lora.

How do I do this process by the same uart port?

Neither BLE nor LoRa use UART in the RAK4600 (which is EOL by the way, you should use RAK4631). And the MCU in RAK4600 is not an STM.