Compatibility with Mikrotik wAP Routerboard?

Issue: Compatibility with Mikrotik Routerboards

Is the RAK2247, RAK833 MiniPCIe Concentrator Boards Compatible with Mikrotik wAP Boards?

Hi @cthomas57,

That is a very interesting question, one that more people might want answered. I am not sure, haven’t tested it but plan to. I would start here:
I will stick one into the routerboard and see what happens, should be interesting :wink:

Talking about this got me thinking. Would you be interested, as a customer to have a list of mPCIe capable boards that are working with our Concentrators. Perhaps we can gather feedback from the community members and see what works where and who has tested it, etc?


Specifically, I am interested in the Mikrotik Routerboards. Mikrotik has an SX1301 based board (LoRa9), but so far, the Routerboards we have tried do not even recognize it. That is why I am searching for other possibilities.

I’m sure others would be interested in other boards.


Also, which would be most likely compatible with wAP, USB or SPI version of RAK2247?

I doubt that any of anyones modules are compatibale. After a week of research and looking at RAK, Semtech, MicroChip and Mikrotik NONE of them use the mPCI-E pin out, Hell even RAK from 1301 to 1302 modules the pin out changed making upgrading without a new board impossible… Iv never understand it.

@Hobo why would you recommend customer stick your module into a mikrotik without confirming anything first? the two links you listed, neither of them share pinout so they won’t even work on your breakout board as a universal footprint…

Hei @Rustie0125,

I wouldn’t recommend d it, as I havent. I said what I am going to do and what I would like to be compatible with what. I never said I tested it or that it will work as I actually do not know.
Hence my question at the end, perhaps if there is enought interest there could be development.
Just to be clear I am not saying they are compatible, upon reading the last comment they probably aren’t.