Compiler woes - what files to include in zip?

Just to verify the Build & Deploy process, I made a small change in the app7204 source code. But the compiler gives errors, looking for files not included in the uploaded zip file. (I zipped the files, not the directory.)

Based on the errors generated, I kept adding missing files, but it still does not compile correctly. Previously, I got an error that rui.h was missing, which I added to the zip file. Still more problems though …

In summary:

  • It is not clear which files to include in the zip file.
  • I kept adding files that I found by searching RaK Wireless GitHub repositories.
  • It seemed “too random” to find files for inclusion based on compiler error logs.
  • Which files to include?

See below for an example error log from compiler:

mkdir _build

CC sx1276-board.c

CC rtc-board.c

CC i2c-board.c

CC board.c

CC gpio-board.c

CC timer-board.c

CC spi-board.c

CC adc-board.c

Copying file 20.00%

…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c: In function ‘BoardInitMcu’:

…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c:135:17: error: ‘g_lora_system’ undeclared (first use in this function)

     memset(&g_lora_system, 0, sizeof(g_lora_system));


…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c:135:17: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in

…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c:140:22: error: ‘SX1276_t {aka struct SX1276_s}’ has no member named ‘Xtal’



…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c: In function ‘BoardDeInitMcu’:

…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c:154:23: error: ‘SX1276_t {aka struct SX1276_s}’ has no member named ‘Xtal’

 GpioWrite( &SX1276.Xtal, 0 );


…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c: In function ‘SysEnterUltraPowerStopMode’:

…//Source/stm/STML151/application/board.c:449:23: error: ‘SX1276_t {aka struct SX1276_s}’ has no member named ‘Xtal’

 GpioWrite( &SX1276.Xtal, 1 );


stm/Makefile_stm32l151cb:246: recipe for target ‘_build/board.o’ failed

make: *** [_build/board.o] Error 1

make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…

Copying file 30.00%

Copying file 40.00%

Copying file 50.00%

Copying file 60.00%

Copying file 70.00%

Copying file 80.00%

You need to add RAK7204 to all the source code files already rui.h files to be compressed and try compiling again.

I was having issues as well. Make sure you add the rui.h and only compress the files within your project folder, not the folder itself.

Thanks - compiled OK. Now to download to the device.
I am using a Mac, so the RAK firmware tool is not an easy option. I’m using a “Serial” app to monitor the serial port and send at+ commands. It works for at+ commands and monitoring, but not sure yet if this can be used to download updated compiled code.
Thanks again.

Hi @Log5,

Yes, the current upgrade tool can only work on Windows. It is not good.
We’re developing the next version firmware for RAK811/RAK4200/RAK4270, which will use a new upgrade tool to upgrade the firmware. This new tool will be a cross-platform tool which means you can use it on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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