Conect rack7204 to a MQTT server

I want to connect a sensor to a mqtt server (mosquito) but I don’t know if the sensor needs any configuration or just the GW. I have configured the GW with the mqtt server parameters, but I need to know if something needs to be configured in the sensors

Hi @carlos,
No, you don’t need any specific configuration for the node. Your node will send data to the gateway which then could be transferred over MQTT from the gateway. You just need to make sure that you have set up the topics right.

Ohh thx so much.
if there is no inconvenience, could you answer the following question?

Uplink MQTT Topic gateway/{{eui}}/event/up

The eui that refers to the topic of the GW refers to the GW or the eui of the sensors?

Hi @carlos,
Could you give me more detailed information about your setup so I could understand the situation better?
What specific gateway do you use, which network server, and so on…

Hello again
Yes sure, and sorry for my english.
i have a GW rak7258 and rak7204 sensor.
i was configurate these devices in a ChirpStack server and all was going well.
I have configured the GW with the parameters that they have provided me, and I am using a Mosquito server as a Broker.
But im not recibing data in my Mosquito server . Im loking in gateway/# topic but don’t get anything.
In the GW Topic template setup i have this `` gateway/{{eui}}/event/up ´´ and i dont kw if the {{eui}} refers to the eui of the GW or the sensor

Do you want to connect the MQTT broker to an external ChirpStack server or to the gateway?

This is for the GW eui.

i want to connect the MQTT broker to the Gateway
what i need to do it?
thx again

You are probably confusing the two entirely distinct uses of MQTT.

One is between the gateway and the network server. This handles encrypted traffic and is on the gateway/ topics. Because it’s still encrypted, its not useful to you. However, the gateway and the network server must be able to communicate by this channel, and if you have changed their configurations away from default, you may have broken this path.

The other is between the server and the outside world. This handles decrypted traffic on the application/ topics and is actually useful to you to obtain the data sent by your node.

Note that the RAK7258 is not considered a “developer gateway” but rather a self-contained finished product without official support for software customizaion, so this is posted in the wrong subforum.