Configuring RAK7268 as Basics Station with TTN

I just tried to register my RAK7268 WisGate Edge Lite 2 gateway with The Things Network:

I am in North America, and after following the instructions here:

modifying the sections necessary for my location, my device still is “Disconnected” on TTN.

Looking at the System Logs I see the following output:

Wed Sep 14 07:48:26 2022 wisdm[29094]: AWS IoT SDK Version 3.0.1-
Wed Sep 14 07:48:26 2022 wisdm[29094]: WisDM Agent Version 1.2.1
Wed Sep 14 07:48:26 2022 wisdm[29094]: ThingName 918100RK6021009001
Wed Sep 14 07:48:27 2022 restify: - - [14/Sep/2022 07:48:27] "[37mGET /diag/syslog HTTP/1.0[0m" 200 -
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 kern.warn kernel: [ 2737.600000] Rcv Wcid(1) AddBAReq
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 kern.warn kernel: [ 2737.610000] Start Seq = 00000233
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 user.err wisdm[29094]: device aes read ERROR
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 user.err wisdm[29094]: device aes file read ERROR: FD-3 2 No such file or directory
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 wisdm[29094]: Shadow Init
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 wisdm[29094]: Succesfully connected to local MQTT broker!
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 user.err wisdm[29094]:  failed   ! mbedtls_net_connect returned -0x52
Wed Sep 14 07:48:28 2022 user.err wisdm[29094]: Shadow Connection Error
Wed Sep 14 07:48:30 2022 wisdm[29094]: Disconnecting
Wed Sep 14 07:48:30 2022 user.err wisdm[29094]: Disconnect error -13

Any thoughts on what has gone wrong?

Can you share configuration done fon the RAK7268 and in TTN console ? (hiding sensible parts :wink:
In Lora Network configuration you are well setup in Basics Station mode and LNS server option ?

Yep! I can only post one image per message but here’s the RAK, with more to follow hopefully:

As you can see, the actual RAK configuration tools have changed since the tutorial was developed. URI is now URL, and the API key has an uneditable prefix: “Authentication: Bearer”.


One additional issue, that maybe explains all of this, is that when I try to configure WiFi, I get an error that the “Key” (which I’m assuming means password), contains invalid characters. These seem to be the special characters in my network password. Not sure if I’m misinterpreting the meaning of “Key”, or what…

yep it’s normal for API key ! For certificate you pasted it with the “-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----” and “-----END CERTIFICATE-----” lines right ?

Incidentally, there is also no ability in the current WiFi-AP interface to set Mode to “client” as specified here: RAK7268 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Yep, it does! It’s an exact copy of the file linked in the tutorial.

Why the EUI field is empty or did you completely masquerated it ? it should be populated with the EUI on the label on the gw or also avalaible in web interface of it !

Oh yeah I just deleted it. It’s exactly what I see in the web interface. Didn’t really know what’s sensitive…

oki cool did you reboot gw sometimes ? in V1 of Wisgate it had some issues with some settings that were not properly applied/saved at first try and so you had to reboot device (can be done through the GUI) and then check if settings were still there and if not revalidate and reboot again :smiley:
Regarding Wifi, I think you have to activate it in client mode, reboot and then you get access at proper settings as it should ask you for the SSID first before key/password of it :wink: and in V1 there is also an option to turn on/off Wifi !
If you go in TTN console and activate verbose log for gw, and reboot gw, something shows up in log of console ?
Side question (just in case): you gw gets Ip address by DHCP ? Does DHCP gives also gw address and dns servers ?

Yep, I’ve rebooted it, and still see no ability to select Client Mode:

Still looks nothing like the web-based tutorial interface.

Not sure if this is because I’m accessing the web interface over it’s own WiFi?

FYI, using WisGateOS_2.1.0_RAK

I’m confused there ! You mean you access the interface through the Wifi AP broadcasted by it ? them yep it might the issue although in V1 it was already able to do client and AP in same time ! Only risk is to loose access at gw if something goes wrong during change of settings !
I would click on Scan and connect it at your existing Wifi network ! if it looses AP mode then you should be able to access it throught your local wifi !
Is there something connected on LAN ? as it would explain then why it doesn’t work with TTN as it doesn’t have internet access !!!

Okay I’ll try to connect to my router directly over ethernet.

But I agree, this seems like a pretty basic feature that should already be working…

Yeah so there is no way for me to change the mode from Client to AP or both.

The interface I am seeing bears little resemblance to the interface shown in all the tutorials.

yep tutorial on rak website looks to be done on version 1 not 2 or perhaps a pre-release of 2 ! Have you been able to plug it in Ethernet and check if it connects at TTN properly ?
@rak-guys someone around ? would be nice to get a central repository for all firmwares of your devices :slight_smile: right now wiki list a fw version 1 something while devices sold are in version 2…