Configuring WisToolsBox Com Ports - not visible

I’m on Kubuntu 22.04 LTS and running WisToolBox version 1.4.4 within SNAP. I just can’t seem to find the com port configuration. I click start and it checks comm ports, but does it check /dev/ACM[0,1]?

In eithr case the app can’t find my device, but when using cutecom (a Linux serial tool), the Com port seems to work fine although i have many AT commands not found. but that’s another topic as i will try to update the firmware.


Is this lack of com configuration because the app isn’t on a certain Linux group?

I installed WisToolBox on my Virtual Box Windoz10 and when i hit ‘start’ it pops up the com port configuration page. On the Kubuntu 22.04/snap package, that window never pops up.

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