Connect 12V Lead Acid Battery While Charging


Could you please advise whether I can power “WisGate Edge Lite 2” from 12V Lead Acid battery while charging as it reaches to 14.2v maximum.

maybe a voltage regulator like the L7812 would do the trick:

When Lead Acid battery voltage fluctuates from 11.5 to 14.2v while discharging and charging cycle, I could see 7812 regulator would not work in this range as input voltage should be 2.5v more (means 14.5v).

Will Buck-Boost Convertor help?

check this answer out :slight_smile:

in any case i use the XL6019 step up and down which works like a voltage stabilizer and keeps the voltage at 12V whether the input is 14.5V, 20V or 9v down until 3.5v i believe :slight_smile:

PS: Be careful and DO NOT USE XL6009 as that’s the older version and has issue i believe…

Thanks for the suggestion.

and there is this one as well:

i tried it and it keeps pumping the voltage you set (in my case 12.5V) output from an input between 3v up to 27V… stable output really good and rated at 1A so should be great addition to the wisgate lite2

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