Connect RAK7249 to Loraserver

Hi everybody.
I was making some test with the RAK7249 and TTN. So I move forward to create my own server following the guides in
I have a virtual machine in Google Cloud. I installed loraserver, lora-app-server, open 1700 UDP port to incoming in the firewall rules. I am able to see the lora server…
by now, I have not been able to connect the RAK7249 to the loraserver.

What I am mising? I guess this kind of connection only requiere the “LoRa packet Forwarder” pointing to loraserver in google cloud.

In the guides, they asume you have “Lora gateway bridge” in the gateway, but this is not the case.
Thanks for help me to figure out to solve the issue.

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That should, in principle, work. What exactly is failing? How do you know it has failed?

If your connection to TTN worked, then likely your issue here is either that you don’t actually have the ports open on your cloud instance, or else that there’s a protocol version incompatibility but I would have thought both versions of the Semtech UDP protocol would be supported.

That is usually the better solution, rather than running the UDP protocol over the Internet. Why are you opposed to running the gateway bridge on the gateway? AFAIK there’s already one there to support the on-board LoRaServer option.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
In the gateway section, in the google VM loraserver, the “last seen” options always is invalid. and the GPS coordinates are 0.0 all the time. In TTN you can see the right coordinates.
The steps to install “lora gateway bridge”, it looks like you have linux in the gateway. But I dont know how to enter and modify a file into RAK7249, according with this information:

By the way, in this scenario, the RAK7249 is not using MQTT, only UDP, right?
So, will be much better use MQTT? or will be slow?
because inside the gateway I only can choose MQTT or Semtech protocol.

I f I choose MQTT, I wont need any loraserver or lora-app-server, right? only an MQTT server and thats all. from there I can run my program to manage all my devices…
Semthec protocol is only for test purpose? Am I right?

I am very newbie in LoRaWAN, so I would like to understand a little bit the network communication between the gateway and the server.

Thanks for any information.

No, you need a LoRaWAN server of some sort. Either TTN, or LoRaServer in the cloud, or the LoRaServer that ships on the gateaway itself, or something else filling that job.

The MQTT feed from LoRaServer’s gateway bridge is still encrypted and framed with the LoRaWAN air protocol, it wouldn’t make any sense to anything except a LoRa server or some piece of debug software that understands the meaning of that.

No, it’s an older idea and has some issues, but it’s used in the real world. Still either the json-over-MQTT or protobuff-over-MQTT schemes are likely better. They’re also nice because they are many-to-many which lets you write additional network analysis tools to run beside LoRaServer, vs. the UDP which is a more exclusive conversation.

Hi everybody.
I almost forget to reply, that my loraserver is working right now.
After installing the lora-gateway-bridge. everything iw working properly.
I thoug this is not neccesary, and the loraserver figured out how to managa the data coming from the RAK7249.
Now I can continue with my project. Right now I will start to decode the information from the sensors, and store in a database.

Thank you so much for your help!