Connect RAK7258_13b to external lora server

So I just get my RAK7258 and test it to connect TTN perfectly.
However, when I get a Lora server account from Rak and try to connect it I don’t know what to do,
I mean in the email you did give me RAK2245 document, but the interface and process seem many different to the RAK7258 WEB Page, I am confused the configure. How to set up to connect to the external Server

Here is my set up, but it didn’t work, the point is I don’t have a clear idea about what to do next since the tutorial doc is not for RAK7258

Hi @HarrisonCUI,

What do you mean the interface and process is different. The interface of the LoRa Server is the same no matter what Gateway you are using. You should follow the procedure in the document. The field in your first image that you have marked are exactly what you need. The content of the first is the Gateway ID you need for registering it, the second is the server address which is pointed out in the document, you should pick the one corresponding to your region. Everything else in the document applies to both RAK2245 and RAK7258 as it is actually about registering the node, not the Gateway.


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Dear Vladisalv
Thank you for quick reply
I mean when it comes to set up configure, one is ssh mode and another is a web page.
However, I try to register my gateway to independence server and follow the step

now I get this error

what should I do where DID I do wrong.

Hi @HarrisonCUI,

Show me the screenshot of your packet forwarder and the screenshot of yor LoRa Server Gateway Page.


OK it seems is the server address, I put :8080 behind the address and when i remove them it works , thanks @Hobo

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