Connect the RAK10701 Field Tester to AWS LPWAN

I have a RAK10701-P Field Tester and my LorAWAN network server is AWS LPWAN.
As my field GW are connected to AWS I need the 10701 to be able to run the test by using AWS and not TTN or Helium
How can I do this?

Hello @EGmbed

You have to write a backend solution that receives the data packet from the AWS LNS together with the gateway informations, calculates the min/max RSSI, SNR and distances and then sends a downlink through the AWS LNS back to the device.

I have done it with Datacake, as shown in our QuickStart Guide.

You could write this backend solution in AWS (no idea if that is possible, I know nothing about AWS) or you can link from AWS LNS to Datacake and use the example from the guide.