Connect the RAK10701 Field Tester to AWS LPWAN

I have a RAK10701-P Field Tester and my LorAWAN network server is AWS LPWAN.
As my field GW are connected to AWS I need the 10701 to be able to run the test by using AWS and not TTN or Helium
How can I do this?

Hello @EGmbed

You have to write a backend solution that receives the data packet from the AWS LNS together with the gateway informations, calculates the min/max RSSI, SNR and distances and then sends a downlink through the AWS LNS back to the device.

I have done it with Datacake, as shown in our QuickStart Guide.

You could write this backend solution in AWS (no idea if that is possible, I know nothing about AWS) or you can link from AWS LNS to Datacake and use the example from the guide.

I was hoping someone could help me out with connecting my 10701 to aws. I understand that aws needs to send a downlink to the device with everything calculated like RSSI. I just have no idea what that script needs to look like. Any guidance would be great

Theoretically you could use the script done for Datacake as a base, but I don’t know how a payload decoder in AWS works and how you trigger a downlink to the device in AWS.

Can you point me in the direction of the uplink payload that is sent to aws. The literature in this topic is non existent.

It is in the description of the encoder for the downlink:

Byte 0 = counter (unused here)
Byte 1 = Min RSSI * 200
Byte 2 = Max RSSI * 200
Byte 3 = Min distance to gateway in 250m steps
Byte 4 = Max distance to gateway in 250m steps
Byte 5 = Number of gateways

More info in the original Field Tester documentation from disk91 WioLoRaWANFieldTester

Thank you sir. I will give this a try. Is there any plans to release a aws lambda procedure for this topic ?

Maybe someone from the community can provide one.
Personally I never used AWS and the target for the RAK10701 was originally Helium and TTN.