Connecting and getting ip of RAK7258 user interface

Issue:could not able to find RAK IP to open User-interface.The gateway is connected


LoRa® Server:


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Hello @vsgrg and welcome to the forum!

How is the gateway connected to the router - via Ethernet or WI-FI?
By default, the gateway works in Access Point (AP) mode. When powered, you can find a SSID name like "RAK7258_XXXX " on your PC’s Wi-Fi Network List. "XXXX " is is the last two bytes of the Gateway MAC address. When you connect to that SSID, you can access the gateway webUI on

If the gateway is connected to your router via Ethernet cable, the router’s DHCP server will assign a IP to the gateway. You can find that IP in the router’s UI.

Thank you Martin
The Gateway is connected via Ethernet
I checked the router UI too but could not find the IP that the DHCP assigned.

That would be more an issue with your router’s UI - you want to find the DHCP clients table.

If you know what address your router starts assigning clients from you can also try just guessing for example, if it starts at you can guess that and then .101 and so on. Depending on how many friend’s laptops and phones have been on your wifi/ethernet in the routers memory this can take a few minutes to a more substantial period of time.

You can also try looking in your PC’s arp cache.