Connecting LILYGO LoRa module to RAK7289 Gateway

Hi everyone,

I am new to working with LoRa module and a LoRa gateway.

I am using a LILYGO TTGO T3_v1.6.1 to send a string to the RAK7289 gateway.

The LoRa module is able to communicate with another LoRa module but is not detected by the gateway.

The code I am using is here: TTGO Module code · GitHub

Kindly help me out if there are any changes I need to do in the code to make it work.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum @Ashishgad96

I would first try to start with a simple example of the Beelan library like the Class-C-OTAA-ACK.cpp to make sure you have that part working.

Thank you very much Bernd, the library asks for appEUI and appKey, can you please let me know where I can find those 2 as I found the DevEUI on the gateway.

You can create appEUI and appKEY in the LoRaWAN server or you just invent them.

Hi Bernd, it worked, thank you!

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