Controlling RAK4200 with I2C lines


Is it possible to control RAK4200 (with it’s default firmware) using the I2C lines instead of UART and achieve the same functionality as described in ?

In my case the host MCU which interfaces with RAK4200 has only one UART and was wondering if I could use I2C connection to interface with off shelf RAK4200 module instead.

Oh wow, I’m just about to post a message about getting a RAK4200 to work with an I2C device, sort of the reverse.

To answer your question, NO, the default firmware does not support anything happening on the I2C lines without you programming it.

In theory you could use the online RUI compiler or start a fresh STM32 project to get the module to take payload send requests and if you have the time & patience, all the other AT commands. You may find a way of sending AT commands and piping them in to the existing code to speed this up.

Personally, I’d use a soft serial library for your MCU as that will be soooo much simpler. Or change our MCU for something with another serial port. If you’d told us what the MCU is, further help may be forthcoming.

Thank you for your answer Nick. This is what I suspected. Would really like to avoid doing any customizations of the default firmware which is good and tested and comes already flashed onto the modules

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