Converting a RPI4+RAK2245 to Helium miner

Setup: RPI4 + RAK2245

From what I undertand a Helium miner is a RAK Gateway with a special firmware. This implies that a RPI4+RAK2245 can be reporpused as a miner but I see that is no longer possible to do so as Helium is not providing a DIY code (maybe I’m wrong with the term). As I have several RAK gateways, is there any way to purchase the so called “code” or the firmware/image to convert them to miners? Thanks for the help.


I am going to have to disappoint you. There is no way to do what you want. DIY Hotspots are simply no longer possible to make, nor will they be in the future.
What you refer to as a code is the swarm key, that is practically the hotspot’s identity that is nowadays housed in a hardware component (a secure element chip). These are not sold.


Thanks @Hobo for the reply and add a second question: For the commercial RAK miners, is possible to add custom functionality to the running OS? (for example I use NodeRed for housekeeping tasks in gateways that are remotely located).

Hei @jdsan ,

Again going to have to disappoint you. The firmware would not support this.
Something nice I can tell you is we are working on a more open firmware that would make it possible to do this, but it is a long way off for now.


Thanks @Hobo, that gives me a clear view of this Helium technology.

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