Coverage of RAK7249

Hi, i’ve installed RAK 7249 gateway (AS 923) at 45 meters height , i only get good signal arround to 1,5 km from the gateway , does anyone have suggestion to increase the coverage?

Can you share some metadata from packetlogger in Gateway and nodes? Or even TTN mapper data.

Here are from nodes which place arround 700 meters from GW

This looks normal. Can you share from 1.5 km as you stated in your topic? Is ADR is on in node site?

This is from others nodes (dr**ino shield) which is same position (arround 700 metres)

Is the problems came from the end nodes capability?

Please give such data from the moment that you loose coverage! Is this line of sight or you have objects between?

Those are decent signals, particularly the SNR is positive while LoRa can work with moderately negative values.

Note that you are using only SF7, which is the highest ordinary data rate intended only for unchallenging circumstances such as nearby nodes.

At longer ranges you will need to increase the spreading factor / slow the data rate. In the US you can go up to SF10 (for small packets only), in some places where longer transmit durations are allowed such as Europe SF12 (not sure what would apply in your location, but the LoRaWAN regional parameters document would give some hints). The packet duration does get longer, which costs more battery and raises the chance of interference, but does substantially improve the signal to noise ratio for a given path loss.

If you configure a node for ADR this should (eventually) be automatically adjusted, if not you will need to manually set an appropriate spreading factor in the node itself.

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Here are trend from longest coverage that i can reach, i’ve objects between the GW and nodes

How to configure the ADR? i’m using Lmic Lib for test the nodes

For ADR in LMIC you can read here
Can you give specs of the end device + antenna specs of them. Is this LoS? Or you have buildings, trees etc between? We are making 5-6 km almost LoS with RAK7249 + RAK5205/RAK7205.

I’m using omni 3 dbi antenna, 915 Mhz , the condition of area is rural area near building & some trees

the condition from the GW

Seems normal. The only thing is to make the lmic to work :slight_smile: . SF is still 7 . No change. Only different BW (125,250). If you fix this you will have a good distance coverage.

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We use a RAK7249 as well. After changing the antenna coverage is fine.

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What kind of antenna do you use?

Basically you can take all kind of antennas with valid technical values, strong mechanical parts and a small bandwith to avoid interferences.

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