Critical issue with firmware 1.3.3_RAK b100

Hello there,
there is something wrong with the new firmware as it looses connection to TTN after a reboot. and requires a new the API KEY (Authorization Token) to reconnect.

Gateway Info:

|Gateway EUI|acxxxxxxxxxx|
|Firmware Version|1.3.3_RAK b100|
|Local Time|Fri May 20 13:42:07 2022|
|Uptime|0h 4m 53s|
|Load Average|1.45, 1.28, 0.60|

Using OPENVPN Enabled on the gateway:
WIFI Enabled:
LTE Disabled with no sim card inserted.
Gateway Configured using LoraWan Basics and connected to TTN as per the guide.
WisDM enabled and connected.

Gateway connects after setting up the TTN the gateway connects fine, and shows up in WisDM.
OpenVPN connects OK, next i ssh to the gateway using the OpenVPN local address and initiate a reboot command: $ reboot
the gateway reboots and after a minute or so it reconnects to TTN and 5 seconds later it disconnects. rebooting doesn’t help after this point.
WisDM shows the gateway still connected.

Also if i disable the OPENVPN from the interface, the gateway Disconnects from TTN and the dashboard goes into a loop of disconnecting me and kicking me out of the dashboard as if it times out and this happens every 10 seconds or so … something is not right…

log shows this error
Fri May 20 13:47:50 2022 user.err basicstation[4053]: [AIO:ERRO] [5] WS upgrade failed with HTTP status code: 403

TTN log:


gateway log:

TTN API KEY Type used:

after the reboot i checked the Authorization Key and noticed a different one from the last one i set so my guess is WisDM is pushing an old key after the reboot which causes the gateway to not connect to TTN… i’m still investigating…
Edit: yep the old key comes from WisDM. which is the wrong behavior if you ask me… WisDM should take the last key i insert into the Dashboard… why is this not happening?


Looks like WisDM is mixing up Authorization Keys when you have multiple Gateways added… i noticed the Authorization Key set for the first gateway is suddenly replicated on the second gateway… which explains the TTN Disconnect… can you please investigate and fix the issue as this behavior will cause a major outrage in the field.


Thanks to @velev
he was able to track down the weird behavior of getting the same Authentication key on both gateways in WisDM and causing the disconnect… it was due to the wrong setting being ticked by Default where all gateways in one location should use the same Key, which i would recommend to not make it default. so after resetting this setting by unassigning both gateways and checking “Sue individual client Keys” and reassign the gateways everything is back to normal.

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