Cross polarization damage to Wisblock?

I recently purchased a WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit (US915 Base RAK19007 + Core RAK4631). I’ve had it running on my desk for the past few days powered up via USB while I’d decided how I wanted to implement it.

I’d gathered all the parts, enclosure, etc that I needed to build a solar operated Meshtastic node but I FOOLISHLY assumed that the JST connector polarity was standardized… guess I was wrong! A faint whiff of a burning smell coupled with the board being really hot to the touch is what tipped me off. Had I took a moment to notice the “+” symbol on the PCB I’d have been OK, but it didn’t occur to me.

My situation now is that the unit works fine under USB power, but doesn’t power up through the “BATTERY” input at all.

Because the unit does still communicate normally is it reasonable to assume that the problem may be isolated to the 19007 board? I don’t see any visible damage (burn marks, etc) and have no means to test SMT components at this level, myself.

Thanks in advance.

If it works from USB, but not from battery, you have damaged some parts around the charger/voltage regulator circuit and you are just lucky that it still works from USB supply.

But you can be relative sure the damage is limited to the Base Board.

Great… thanks beegee! I was pretty sure that might be the case, but i wanted to get a second opinion before ordering a new board.

Thanks again!

Thanks to RAK, a new board is on its way.
Thank you for your help beegee!