Custom Channel Configuration with RAK7244

I have set up a RAK7244 and I have LoRaWAN devices communicating using the ChirpStack Channel-plan configuration on the US_902_928. This works fine, and our plan moving forward is to use this for new sensors.

My problem is that I have several hundred old sensors in the field that I must be able to communicate with as well. Our old system used a single channel gateway operating at 915MHz with 125KHz BW and SF9.

Is it possible to set up the RAK2245 concentrator to use 7 LoRaWAN channels, and one custom channel at 915MHz?

Hello @jamesod,

Technically you can edit this in the packet forwarder config file via the “gateway-config” script menu. However, keep in mind that that channel has to be a part of the regional plan for your area, using something outside of it is not recommended.


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