Custom firmware for RAK4600


I was able to build & run nRF + LoRa over Free RTOS by following the instruction at LoRaWAN Demo - FreeRTOS

I’ve just wondered is there any chance for me to port the source to run it on RAK4600?


Hi @truongn ,

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The RAK4600 is based on nRF52832 and sx1276. The FreeRTOS link you posted uses nRF52840 and sx1262. You can try to port it but you might still need to do some changes.

Here is the schematic of RAK4600. This will be a helpful reference to you.

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Do you think I should switch to RAK4631 can you please help to share its schematic as well?


I can’t share you the schematic of RAK4631 but the datasheet is here: RAK4631 WisBlock LPWAN Module Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center

RAK4631 is part of WisBlock which sa IoT Hardware Platform.

Have a look at it here: WisBlock | RAKwireless Documentation Center

This might save you time than doing FreeRTOS porting.