Custom IO extention module on 10x23mm footprint

Hi all,

@a.occ and I have been working recently on a custom module. We would like to share our custom design of an IO extender built for a 10x23mm sensor slot.
It maintains the option to choose between VDD and +3V3_S to power up peripherals.

The block exposes the following pins:

  • 2 GPIOs (1-2 or 3-4)
  • I2C
  • TX/RX
  • 2 ANALOG input

All IOs are protected with ESD bidirectional diodes.
The analog inputs are provided by the ADS1115 chip mounted on the bottom of the board.
The pins can be wired though SH 1.0mm pitch vertical connectors.


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Nice module. Thank you for sharing.

I like as well the enclosure that you shared in Awesome WisBlock

Thanks Bernd,

more to come!

Having wisblock templates at hand was of great help.

Wondering if this can became a standard WisBlock from RAK :roll_eyes: