Decode packets + build HTTP POST request


We’d like to perform these 2 actions with your WisGate Edge Prime:

  1. Decode payload of incoming messages (goal = extract certain fields, kinda: 3y1-temp=21C-et5e).

  2. Send a POST HTTP request, with a specific format (in JSON). Goal: authenticate the message in order to insert it into a cloud service.

(Note1: I know you have a decoder for the CayenneLPP format, but this is not really standard: our messages have other format)
(Note2: We can do that with Node-RED with other base stations. Can we do it any way? I would love to have Node-RED or at least some “sandbox” for coding small scripts in Python or Java)

I read that you may release a new version 2 for your Operating System. Will it cover those functionalities 1 and 2? Will it be available for WisGate Edge Prime? Release date?


Generally speaking it would be best to do this in the cloud, for three reasons.

First, more serious uses of a LoRaWAN tend to run the actual LoRaWAN network server software in the cloud, rather than on the gateway, as this permits having multiple gateways (including any other you might already own) collaborate to seamlessly form a single network with larger coverage area and automatic failover if a gateway breaks, loses power, or is stolen. When this is done, the gateway never sees any decrypted traffic, so it’s impossible for software on the gateway to extract payload fields.

Next, you have far more flexibility to implement and tune payload decoding in a cloud setting, using whatever language you like. Even if you chose to keep the LoRaWAN network server running on the gateway’s computer, you can still do custom processing in the cloud by pointing the server’s MQTT output at an MQTT broker in the cloud, to which your cloud-based payload processing subscribes.

Finally, the Wisgate Prime is an industrial gateway rather than a developer one - it runs a compact OpenWRT Linux and it’s designed to just run, without being a platform for customization. Unofficially, it is possible to run python scripts on the box, though you may have to install a lot of dependencies first and do a lot of figuring out on your own - I don’t believe there’s any official support for doing so.

Thanks fot your reply.

Your point is: it’s better to do those operations on another Network Server running on the cloud.

Sure, you are right. It’s just we want to avoid any cost related to:

  • Hiring some paid network server like Loriot, Actility, etc
  • Build+maintain an infrastructure on the cloud to host a free network server

Summary: we’d like to do all operations on the LoRaWAN gateway :slight_smile:

Hopefully those feature will be added to the gateway in future releases.