Decrease RUI3 "library" size

I am developing code for a RAK3172 module. When uploading a blink sketch with only an led on off and a delay command, 80 percent of the flash is taken up (Sketch uses 161840 bytes (80%) of program storage space. Maximum is 200704 bytes.). This makes it really hard to develop an application, because the rest of the flash is full really fast. Is there a way to “disable” RUI3 features to save on program flash? I dont need all AT commands for example.

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Hi @jonas ,

Thank you for giving your feedback/insight. We are aware on the limited space on RAK3172 RUI3 :cry:.

Not yet a priority but there are plans to enable/disable features (by user) to save memory space. Final details is not yet done but some discussion is to have selectable compilation for LoRa P2P or LoRaWAN. But of course, your idea of compartmentalize AT commands set can still be considered. However, no timeline for this yet.

I think it would be easier for the user if the source code was released. This way the compiler could do most of the optimisation automatically and the community could also help to improve the firmware. Are there any plans to release the source code one day or will RUI3 stay closed source forever?

I also have another suggestion for the time the space limitation of RUI3 on the RAK3172 persists. It would only be fair for potential buyers to know upfront, that there is only a small program space left when using RUI3 an to display this on the product and/or documentation page.

I really hope that the size issue of RUI3 on the RAK3172 gets resolved one way or another. Because i know it is possible. When compiling a Basic LoRaWAN sketch of one of your competitors, i get this Arduino output for its size:
Sketch uses 78768 bytes (60%) of program storage space. Maximum is 131072 bytes.


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