Deleted conversations

Hi forum administrator !

We had one technical conversation between me (Zoltan Magdo NZ) and Jeroen (NL).

All the conversation been deleted ! Any reason do do that ?

Please restore them, your users have to know if you are responsive and doing the best to give a solution! It’s not a high secret what I wrote in my chat… We all know about this unsolved technical issues…

I’m one very big fan for RAKWireless, but I don’t admit censoring my technical conversations…

Zoltan Magdo

Hi @magdoz59,

I didn’t see any deleted/hidden post from this conversation RAK5860 WisBlock Nb-Iot BG77 Series GNSS. We will definitely not delete anything unless harmful to our community. We really encourage discussions here in our forum :slight_smile:

OK. No worries. Of course you don’t admit. Never mind… I know how it’s work…

The [email protected] still active ?

Just had two automatic response with a the folowwing message:

“Due to the time zone difference in business operating hours, we may not currently be available to answer your message immediately. Rest assured that we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.”

I checked, at Shenzen/China it’s 16:06pm !
Can I ask the utc time frame when it’s possible to work with them ?