Determining current FW version for CUPS updates managed with AWS

We are trying to set up a RAK7289C gateway to connect with AWS using the CUPS protocol so that we can manage and deploy firmware updates to our gateways (motivated by improving signal strength, we have noticed significant improvement in downlink reliability when updating to the latest firmware 1.3.9).

What’s been attempted so far: my gateway is set up according to the the steps in RAKs documentation: RAK7258 Supported LoRa Network Servers | RAKwireless Documentation Center

The only exception is that “CUPS Server” is selected for endpoint instead of “LNS Server” and the CUPS endpoint provided by AWS is provided for URI instead of the LNS endpoint. With this configuration, the gateway is able to connect to AWS and our LoRa devices can send uplinks to AWS :heavy_check_mark:

The problem: the gateway does not send a “PackageVersion” in it’s CUPS request which, according to AWS support, is required for performing a firmware update. AWS only receives “model” and “station” information from the gateway configured for CUPS:

Question: Is this normal behavior? Or are we missing any steps to setting up CUPS FW management with AWS?

Thanks in advance