Developing a RAK10701-P Javascript Decoder - units for variable

Good morning,

Base on the Javascript do RAK10701-P Decoder in the “Quick Start Manual” RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro for LoRaWAN Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center with @beegee support I am developing to share here with RAK Forum membros.

Well now I am looking for the RAK10701-P variables values and units:

  1. GPS accuracy value and unit?
  2. Distances: units?
  3. Latitude/Longitude: units?

Who could help me?



Are you asking about the RAK10701 uplink payload format?

I believe this should have what you need WioLoRaWANFieldTester/ at master · disk91/WioLoRaWANFieldTester · GitHub

Scroll down for “Frame Format”.

The Datacake decoder JavaScript distance() function returns distance in kilometers.

Lamarr, Inc.

Good morning @danak6jq ,

I am looking how the measurement are being done, in other words, for example, GPS accuracy is measured in meters or feets, but it is a project characteristic. Take a look in the App for Androids called GPS Test ( ), you will see my smartphone GPS accuracy is 2 meters.

What I need to know for the Javascript Decoder that I am developing some values and units (meters/feet) and I opened another Topics to talk about operational limits, in other words, when a sensor value is considered good, bad or out of service.

I suggestion is that these informations should be part of one of manuals.