Development in Segger Embedded Studio with nRF-SDK


I am involved in the project that relies on a couple fo your beautiful RAK modules. Since they all utilize an nRF52 MCU within, I thought that using Nordic toolchain is a natural way to go. But, I did not find any examples of how to develop my application on RAK module using their dev environment, i.e. Segger Embedded Studio and nRF-SDK. Is it the usual way to go? Are there some examples available?

How is it expected to develop the code for RAK, if that’s not the case?

Hello @PeraZver , Welcome to RAK forum,
I installed and started a debug session using RAK5005-O + RAK4631 + Segger J-Link. Unfortunately I didn’t find any specific example for this hardware.
You can install Segger Embedded Studio using the links:
.Installing manually — nRF Connect SDK 1.9.99 documentation
Also you will need to solder the J-Link pins :
WisBlock/bootloader/RAK4630 at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub.

Hey man, thanks for replying.
I did however managed to do it: I found a RAK813 example that was built on LoRaMAC library in Keil. I studied the source code day and night to figure out how it was built and how the board interacts with the LoRa API and managed to port it into the Segger. It was fun!