Device does not respond after put in reboot mode

If i put with the serial tool the module in boot mode. Afterwards I cant restart to normal mode.

is there a reset combination possible

Are you in Boot mode?
Try to exit this mode with the AT command: at +run
Can you give me your printscreen?

I have sent this to the module, but it does not respond anymore. Even when i upgrade it with the rak upgrade tool the module does not respond.

So it’s hard stuck in boot mode. Any reset capability

Also when i try to load the boatloader i get this message

Sorry to tell you that if you want to burn boot, you must set boot pin to a high level!
Then do something else

What is the bootpinnumber of the 4200 breakout?

What is the bootpin of the rak4200?

Can you take a picture of your module for me?
The boot port is on the bottom plate of RAK5005. If it is a pure module, jLink is needed for burning.
And have you erased all the files in the module? It’s going to be a hassle.

This is connected to an uart connection. How do i have to connect it with the JLINK EDU TOOL and where do i have to flash it? Your documentation is very poorly instructed.

thanks i connected the wires to UART1 instead of UART2. Problem solved

If it’s just a firmware upgrade or a gateway connection, it’s supported!
But you will lose all the boot files including which is weird.