Device to device BLE DFU

Hello, I want to do OTA for my RAK devices. Because these will be so many, doing direct BLE DFU will not be feasible. Since there is no way in Arduino framework to support dual bank memory, I can’t do LTE OTA either. Alternatively, I want to do OTA updates from one RAK BLE device to another RAK BLE device. In this way every device will be updated with new firmware. Is there any RAK solution available for this?

I am not aware of any implementation at the moment. But by the looks of it, you want to do some BLE broadcast to update multiple devices.

On the other hand, this kind of mass device FW update is a good use-case for LoRaWAN FUOTA. WisBlock will support it in the future. The development is still on going.

That’s great. Is there any expected date of release for the LoRaWAN FUOTA?

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No official release date yet.