DFU USB update RAK 4630 using SSH Rpi


I need for DFU USB update 4630 to start the disk in 4630 for the possibility of copying firmw. I can’t use the button though, I will do it using SSH. The option is via minicom, but I can’t send the AT=BOOT command to the USB yet.
Can you please give me some advice?

RUI3 firmware does not support boot mode through reset button, you need to use AT+BOOT.

Thank you for the information.
It is the AT+BOOT command that I am after.
I have the board connected via USB to Rpi3+. The device is outside my LAN - LTE.
I access the Rpi using VPN and Putty.
I know that the command can be run using Minicom, but I can’t get it to work. I start Minicom, set up the correct USB device, but I don’t know how to run the AT command.
Can you point me in any direction?
Thank you

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Sorry, I can’t help with RPi3 questions.
Using USB host on RPi3 is more a generic question for a RPi forum.

It’s not a question for the RPi forum when even the DFU options via AT commands are written in the official Rak document.
See my first post