Difference beetwen RAK4631 / RAK4631-R

Hello, I don’t understand the difference beetwen RAK4631 / RAK4631-R and don’t know how to recognize them. I have several 4630 modules with different stickers on them, one with blue RUI sticker, another without stickers, and one with blue sticker with small sign and printed ‘open source hardware’. On main sticker with DEV EUI is only name f device RAK4630 without type. My main question is: if I buy the 4631- R version, will it be programmable by Arduino IDE and behave the same as the 4631 version designed for Arduino IDE?

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From hardware side both RAK4631 and RAK4631-R are identical. The difference between the two modules is that RAK4631 is for the open source BSP and RAK4631-R is for our RUI3 BSP.

You can easily switch between the two versions by following our guides:
Updating RAK4631 to RUI3
Converting RAK4631-R to RAK4631

Both versions can be used with the Arduino IDE, but they are using different board support packages.

For the RUI3 (RAK4631-R), please follow this guide for installation
For the opens source BSP (RAK4631), please follow this guide for installation

If you want to use RUI3, here is some more information:
RUI3 is an API that makes it easy to develop custom firmware for RAK modules. It handles the complete low level hardware interface and the firmware can be written with Arduino framework style API calls. The LoRa drivers and LoRaWAN stack and the AT commands of the standard firmware are as well available.

It supports the following IDE’s:

Arduino IDE
Visual Studio with Arduino extension
Visual Studio Code with Arduino extension

Here are the links to the documentation and examples source codes:
RUI3 overview: RAKwireless Unified Interface V3 (RUI3) | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI3 API documentation: Arduino API | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI3 BSP installation guide: RUI3 Supported IDE | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI3 BSP examples: RAK-nRF52-RUI/libraries/RUI_V3_examples at main · RAKWireless/RAK-nRF52-RUI · GitHub

Other RUI3 examples: