Differentiating devices & messages, verification & security

With the default firmware (if you are not using the Hologram service) I cannot see a way to 1) identify a device when status is sent at an interval over TCP to a server, and furthermore 2) Can’t include some sort of UUID or token for safety to verify the legitimacy of a device on the server side.

Have I missed something? Currently if I hook up two devices to the same endpoint I can’t tell them apart using the parameters in the default firmware, or verify their legitimacy. Which makes it very difficult to practically use the RAK5010.

Hi @gbdsdhtrg ,

How many devices are you looking to have custom identification for automatic interval sending? I can try to talk to RUI V2 developers to create custom FW (I’ll try but no promise here).

I wish our RUI3 is finish now so things will be easier and quicker. Sadly, it is still under development.

Would really appreciate you passing it on!

We would be looking at 30 with the option to add more.

However, on the security front I would be worried even with just one device. The way it currently is set up (again - as far as I can see) is that you just have to have an open TCP port, and you have to blindly accept any communication as truthfully coming from the device?


Hi @gbdsdhtrg ,

You can modify line 1014 here and recompile using our RUI V2 online compiler.

You can add an ID like this.

Regarding the TCP port implementation, it is based on Hologram so there is nothing we can do so much in that front.

Thanks for that advice looks like one way of making it work. However it is not very secure.

Now my only concern is that we have to compile a different firmware for each device we are tracking with, and since the compiler is online only I worry about future access & compatibility issues if your compiler ever goes offline.

I understand your concerns on that. That’s the reason why we are improving those limitations in RUI3.

Btw, you can also use Arduino IDE for the RAK5010 that is based on Adafruit’s nrf52840 port. This will allow you to create your own custom firmware that is based on open-source codes.

Thanks for the information appreciate you taking the time :+1:

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Is there a definitive release date for RUI3 for RAK5010?

Hi @dieter ,

The team is really working hard on the RAK5010 RUI3 support. It will be released soon. I sent you a DM for early access to it but just a beta (not official release yet).