Displaying GPS location on LCD screen by Blues.ONE device


I need help with displaying the GPS location using the RAK4631 Blues.ONE device and I refered to this video . I’m working with VS Code on Windows.

I’m unsure how to get the GPS module to function properly and where to begin troubleshooting. When I connect the device, I don’t see any data in the Meshtastic app.

Here’s the link to the device documentation: RAK4631 Blues.ONE Overview.

Thank you!

I am afraid you are mixing up things that are not working together.

Meshtastic does not support the Blues Notecards.
The GNSS location chip of the Blues.ONE is on the Blues Notecard.
Therefor Meshtastic cannot get any location data. It does not know how to get the location from the Blues Notecard.

So to display GPS coordinate, how can I do with Blues.ONE?
Could you give me some recommendations, links or instructions to implement?

Build a Location Tracker for Cellular and LoRaWAN Connections
But you have to add the LCD screen support. This one is just sending locations.