Does RAK138800 support PoE?

There is not clear enough information to understand if the Wisblock Ethernet module sopport PoE and its type.

There is a note in the documentation:

  • Optional (coming in 2022 Autumn Launc Event) it supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) to supply the WisBlock modules.
  • +5 V is connected to the WisBlock IO connector to power the WisBlock Base Board with RAK19018 POE.

Some squematic shows a output 5V but it mentions a RAK19018, that means in a next event will be available? Thanks for all your comming comments :slight_smile:

Welcome back to RAK forum @Matias.Varas :slight_smile:

We will launch it earlier. Not for Autumn Launch but on WisBlock Summer Launch this July.

A little bit of a teaser.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel. The WisBlock POE module is based on Silvertel’s Ag9905MT.

Thanks Carl :wink: that is a great news! Now i get it why you talk about a RAK19018
Our team will be ready to run some test with this device.

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